The Archive and Special Collection Service can offer a range of services to staff at both University College Falmouth and University of Exeter.


Examples of the teaching sessions we can provide include:

  • One-off sessions introducing our Collections as resource or as stimulus
  • Skills based sessions introducing the concept of archives and the differences between the use of archives and libraries – for example including a palaeography (reading handwriting) task
  • Regular sessions over the course of a module
  • Follow up sessions as part of a coursework requirement
  • Sessions that introduce other archives and resources held elsewhere
  • Introduction to Data Protection and Freedom of Information legislation – uses and restrictions for research

In 2011, the Archive and Special Collections Service was involved with a University College Falmouth Learning and Teaching research project to investigate the pedagogic value of using archives with creative arts students.  The research found that students engage most fully with original materials when set specific assignments to use Archives and Special Collections, and also that the most effective interaction came from those students who had been repeatedly exposed to archive material from the earliest stages of their degree.  As such, we would be delighted to discuss the possibilities for embedding the use of archives into your teaching regimes.  Full details of the research project and its outcomes can be found on the ‘Out of the Box’ project blog.


As many of our Collections have been deposited only recently, we are also sitting on a wealth of material with research potential that has never been used. We would be delighted to introduce these Collections to you.  We are also able to provide skills support specific to PhD research.

Marketing and other uses

We are also able to support non-academic staff, for example in the provision of information and images for marketing purposes.

Moving offices?

If you are clearing your desk, please do consider us before you dispose of materials relating to UCF or CSM - we are constantly adding to our Collections and would be very happy to consider accepting items if you are having a clear out!

Please have a look at our Collections page for further details of our holdings and do contact Sarah C Jane, Archivist and Special Collections Officer for a chat about how we can best support you: tel 01326 254303 /