Study space

Penryn Campus Library 

The majority of desks in the study areas are furnished with power points. WiFi is enabled throught the building. We also have 6 Macs available for use, in the helpdesk area and The Reading Room, and Flexible Learning Room.

Group study

Level 1, starting from the library entrance is intended for group study. On this floor you can talk as much as you want. There are also a couple of group study rooms that can be booked on the day by writing on the doorside whiteboard. These allow for more intense group work where communication is important, but also reduced distraction is preferred. 

Quiet study

On Level 2 of the library there are 2 study area.  Behind the glass screen the study space is intended for you to use if you would like to study in a quiet environment. Talking is kept to a absolute minimum and at a low volume.

On the Exchange side of the library there is Solo study where students are able to work quietly but the space is not in a quiet environment.

The Reading Room, on Level 2 is through the double doors from the main collection, and  is again for quiet individual study.

Silent study

There are some spaces within the library which are reserved for distraction free study. Within these closed areas, there is no talking or use of headphones, so you can focus entirely on your study. The silent areas are the marked glass rooms in The Exchange

Please see study spaces for more details on the available spaces.

Falmouth Campus Library

Falmouth Campus floor plan

Main Collection - there are seats for group and individual study throughout the main library

Quiet Study Room - the newly refurbished Quiet Study Room provides a space for quiet reflective study