Falmouth Staff

Ordering items for the library

For ordering books contact:

  • Business, Games Academy and Photography - Anna Connell (ext 5468)/ Catherine Worrall
  • Art and Design (Falmouth), Education - Dawn Lawrence (ext. 3817)/ Catherine Worall
  • Design (Penryn), Writing and Journalism,  - Rachel Browning (ext 2796)
  • Performance (music, dance, theatre) - Rosie Enys (ext 5987)
  • Animation, Film, Television - Alana Bardill (ext 1454)

For information on setting up new journal subscriptions see Journal Subscriptions.  If you need to access a journal for a one-off research project then individual journal articles can be accessed via the Inter-Library Loans service

If you want to find out about purchasing DVDs/ Videos contact: Alana Bardill ext. 1454 

Arranging library research skills sessions

If you wish to arrange a session on any aspect of using the library, archives and special collections, or general research skills, please contact the following library staff:

  • Alana Bardill (ext. 1454)  - School of Film and Television
  • Rachel Browning (ext. 2796) - Design (Penryn), Writing and Journalism
  • Anna Connell (ext 5468) - Business, Games Academy, Marine and Natural History Photography, Press and Editorial Photography
  • Rosie Enys (ext. 5987) - AMATA (music, dance, theatre)
  • Sarah C. Jane (ext. 4303) - Archives and Special Collections 
  • Dawn Lawrence (ext. 3817) - Communication Design, Education, School of Architecture & Design
  • Catherine Worrall - Falmouth School of Arts, Photography

Related sessions are also offered by ASK Academic Skills on Academic Writing, Numeracy, Writing for Science, Study Skills and Dyslexia Support.

Setting up reading lists

Online reading lists are available for students to access via The Learning Space. These reading lists are managed by the library on a system called Talis Aspire, which can be accessed at resourceslists.falmouth.ac.uk. Reading list and can be set up by library staff on request (contact digital@fxplus.ac.uk) or by academic staff themselves. The reading list system can also be used for bookmarking internet resources and building up reading lists. For further information on accessing and using the reading list system see Reading List Information for Falmouth Staff and our online video tutorials