Falmouth Electronic Resources

  • 19th Century British Library Newspapers

    Contains 2 million newspaper pages, selected by experts in the field, covering  national and regional newspapers from the 19th Century.
  • Artemis Primary Sources

    Artemis Primary Sources is allows users to search across five collections via one platform. The resources integrated into Artemis are: British Newspapers 1600-1900 (Incorporates the Burney Newspaper Collection and 19th Century British Library Newspapers), 19th Century UK Periodicals, Daily Mail Historical Archive (1896-2004), and The Times Digital Archive.
  • British Newspapers 1600 - 1950

    Comprehensive digital historic newspaper archive, which includes 17-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers and 19th Century British Library Newspapers. Contains 3 million pages of historic newspapers (national and regional), newsbooks & ephemera from British Isles.
  • Burney Collection (17th & 18th Century Newspapers)

    Comprehensive collection of early English newspapers, covering titles from London, British Isles, and colonies. Includes newspapers, newsbooks, Acts of Parliament, addresses, broadsides, pamphlets and proclamations.
  • Daily Mail Historical Archive 1896-2004

    Gale delivers to the desktops of researchers and students the historical archive of the Daily Mail in a fully searchable and browse-able digital format. More than 100 years of this major UK national newspaper can be viewed in full digital facsimile form, with copious advertisements, news stories and images that capture 20th century culture and society.
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS)

    The United States' principal record of political and historical open source intelligence.
  • Gale News Vault

    NewsVault delivers the definitive cross-searching experience for exploring your library's collection of Gale historical newspapers. With the power to search over 10 million digitized facsimile pages, Gale NewsVault provides an unparalleled window to the past.
  • Proquest Newsstand

    ProQuest International Newsstand provides information from more than 660 of the world's top newspapers.  For nearly all of them, complete articles are available in the ASCII format.
  • Times Digital Archive 1785-2010

    The Times Digital Archive is an online, full-text facsimile of more than 200 years of The Times,  one of the most highly regarded resources for the 19th – 20th Century history detailing every complete page of every issue from 1785. This historical newspaper archive allows researchers an unparalleled opportunity to search and view the best-known and most cited newspaper in the world online in its original published context.