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Creative Music Technology, Music & Popular Music

Subject Librarian

Subject Librarian: Rosie Enys


The books are arranged in subject order within the library. The following numbers may help you browse the shelves, but to focus you search more specifically just type keywords into the library catalogue:

Music  780 
Music education and research  780.7
History of music 780.9
Composers A – Z 780.92
Music theory, principles and forms 781
Basic principles of music 781.1
Psychological principles of music 781.11
Scientific principles 781.15
Elements of music, rhythm, tone 781.2
Composition 781.3
Techniques of music 781.4
Techniques for acquiring musical skills 781.42
Performance techniques 781.43
Recording of music 781.49
Kinds of music 781.5
Film music 781.542
Jazz music 781.57
Popular music 781.58
Folk music 781.62
Popular music 781.63
Western popular music 781.64
Jazz music 781.65
Rock music 781.66
Vocal music 782
Opera 782.1
Musicals 782.14
Songs 782.42
Popular songs 782.42164
Jazz songs 782.42165
Rock songs 782.42166
Music for single voices 783
Singing technique 783.04
Performance technique 783.043
Musical instruments and their music 784
Pianos 786.2
Electronic instruments 786.7 – 74
Computer music 786.74
Stringed instruments 787
Guitars 787.87
Wind instruments 788


The Library has access to a wide range of journals (more easily recognised as academic or trade magazines). They are published on a regular basis and tend to deal with specialist topic areas or recent events. You may find browsing the journals is a useful way to to get an overview of a subject or a current topic of interest.
Journals are included on the Library Catalogue and you can find out how far back we have copies and where they are kept by looking them up under their title.


You can use a database to search for a journal article. Each database covers a different range of journal titles. Many of the databases will provide you with the full text of the article as e.g. a PDF to read, email or download. 

Online, open access, peer-reviewed journals

Divergence Press 

Divergence Press is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal and resource hub for contemporary music and is part of University of Huddersfield Press. A project of the Centre for Research in New Music, University of Huddersfield. 

News Resources

Newspapers are a really good source of up-to-date information in the form of e.g. debate, reviews and public opinion.

Audio-Visual Resources

There are a huge range of audio-visual resources available to you. Within the physical library we have the following collections:

  • DVD & Video
  • CD & Vinyl Record
  • Music Score

For our full list of online audio-visual resources click here

For access to our image collections click here

Suggested Resources