Journal subscriptions

Requesting Journals

  • New requests for journals are considered in the context of the overall journal provision within a subject area
  • Subscriptions are reviewed on annual basis  in order to ensure that collections reflect course needs 
  • New journal subscriptions are generally approved at the start of the academic year to ensure that there is sufficient funding within the annual budget
  • Journal requests received part-way through the year may have to wait until the next financial year
  • A journal request form must be filled out for each journal and forwarded to your Academic Liaison Librarian for review
  • Requests from students will be forwarded to the relevant academic department for consideration

Journal selection criteria

  • Relevance to the teaching, learning and research needs of the course making the request
  • Source of recommendation and reason for subscribing
  • Relationship to the rest of the collection
  • Suitability of format (see ‘Journal format’ below)
  • Level of demand
  • Academic significance and intellectual level
  • Availability elsewhere in the region
  • The available budget, including the impact of increasing costs and on-going commitments
  • Offered as part of a package of journal titles by a publisher
  • Title that academic staff regularly submit articles to or are on the editorial team

Journal format

Journals will be purchased in electronic format where possible. Print format will be considered where:

  • The electronic version is inadequate or inferior (doesn’t display illustrations, diagrams, pictures etc.)
  • Secure and sustainable electronic access is not offered
  • The print journal offers significant benefit in terms of browsability, aesthetics or content appeal