Talis Resource Lists (Falmouth staff)

Falmouth academic staff have the opportunity to use the institution’s resource list software (Talis Resource Lists) to update and maintain resource (reading) lists and link them to course modules on the Learning Space.

These lists are referred to as resource lists rather than more traditional reading lists as they can include any sort of resource you'd like your students to engage with e.g. websites, blog posts, videos, book chapters, articles, images (essentially anything you can think of).


This software, which is widely used by a number of universities, offers the following advantages:

  • Consistency of approach for students
  • Direct links into library materials – no problems with spelling mistakes
  • Better communication channels for ensuring that books are in the library
  • Easy-to-use bookmarking to facilitate setting up lists

To start using Talis Resource Lists go to: http://resourcelists.falmouth.ac.uk/ and log in using your Falmouth username and password. The first time you log in you will be asked to set up a profile.

Most existing resource lists have already been set up as a Talis Resource List, so all you will need to do is check that the list is up-to-date, publish it and then submit a review.

It’s also easy to add, remove or move material. Just look at our Staff Quick Guide or ask your Academic Liaison Librarian for advice.

Completely new resource lists can be set up for you by library staff on request: contact Chris digital@fxplus.ac.uk


You can also get individual book chapters or journal articles scanned to add to your resource list. For further information on this see Scanning Under the CLA License

Attach a file: 
PDF icon Staff Quick Guide.pdf