Scanning under the CLA Licence

CLA Copying Licence 

Under the Copyright Licensing Agency's HE Copying Licence it is possible to digitise book chapters and journal articles for use by students.  

Within an individual unit or module you may digitise whichever is the greater of:




  • one chapter of a book 

  • one article of a magazine/journal issue

  • one scene from a play

  • one paper from a set of conference proceedings

  • one report of a single case from a report of judicial proceedings

  • one short story or one poem or one play of not more than 10 pages from an anthology

Further Information

Any items digitised must be owned by the institution, and published in the UK and the USA (though some US publishers are now no longer covered by the digitisation license)

See the CLA Title Search to check what can be copied

You may not download PDFs of existing digital material to the VLE unless it is sanctioned by the licensing agreement with the publisher.

Copies can be made from any published edition.

See the CLA website for further information on the CLA Copying Licence, or consult the CLA's  User Guidelines

Requesting digitisation of texts

Digitisation is co-ordinated via Chris Dobson, Digital Resources Officer

In order to request new digitised sections of core texts please either:

  • Submit a reading list with the required digital requests clearly marked including required dates to your subject contact within the library (usually one of the Academic Liaison Librarians)

  • Submit a list containing only the digital requests including the date each copy is required by to

You can use the following form to request single digitisations

A minimum of 4 weeks notice on digitisation requests is required in order to guarantee their availability by the required date, provided there are adequate copies available in our collections.  Any requests made within 4 weeks of their required date may not be available in time, though we will endeavour to fulfill all requests as quickly as possible.