Copyright law exists to protect every creator.

Copyright protects:

  • literary works
  • dramatic works
  • musical works
  • sound recordings
  • film
  • broadcasts
  • artistics works
  • tyographical arrangements

Copyright in Libraries

Take a look at specific information for copyright in Libraries through this link.

General Copyright Information

For more information about what copyright is, who it protects and how it should be applied when using the above material - visit the Intellectual Property Office site.

Here are some useful documents from the IPO site:

Copyright: Essential Reading

Exceptions to copyright: Research

Exceptions to copyright: Education and Teaching

Exceptions to copyright: Accessible formats for disabled people

Exceptions to copyright: Libraries, archives and museums

The library also has copies of a really useful book entitled Can I Copy This? A Brief Guide to UK Copyright in Higher and Further Education.

Please ask a member of the library team if you have any questions.