Penryn Campus Library

The library is situated within The Exchange and Du Maurier buildings on the Penryn Campus, with the entrance on Level 1 of The Exchange.

The collection reflects the topics taught on the Campus and also provides a wide range of inspirational sources to students and staff working here.

Penryn Campus Library offers 24/7 study facilities and access to collections and PCs during term time, to support your individual study and research needs. WiFi throughout the building.

If working through the night please bear in mind that the library is not a suitable space to sleep, and if feeling tired please take a break or go home for a proper rest.

Stay safe – if you leave the library in the middle of the night, keep to the lit walkways on campus,  try and walk with a friend,  or get a taxi.  If you have any security or welfare concerns overnight please speak to the Library Monitor or contact out of hours staff at Glasney Lodge on 01326 253503.

Please do not leave valuables unattended in the library.

Available Study Spaces

Journals and Newspapers are available on Level 1 of The Exchange within comfortable and relaxed seating, with fantastic views of the Carrick Roads.

Printing and photocopying services are also available within the Library, along with the IT helpdesk also located on Level 1

Level 1 - Interactive Floor Plan

Level 2 - Interactive Floor Plan

Drinks and cold snacks can be consumed on Level 1 of the Library, and in the Solo Study space on Level 2. Lidded drinks in the Quiet Study on Level 2 of the Library, and bottled water only in the Reading Room.

Mobile phones are permitted in all areas, but we ask your phone is muted in the Quiet,  Solo and silent study areas, and phone calls taken away from these areas.

The main subjects covered by the Penryn Campus Library collection are

  • Biosciences
  • Business
  • Cornish Studies
  • Design
  • Digital Games
  • Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Engineering (Mining & Renewables)
  • English and Writing
  • Film and Television
  • History
  • Performance
  • Photography

Subject Guides

Penryn Campus Library

Term-time opening hours

  Main Collect-ions Help desk Open
Mon - Fri 24 hrs 8.45am to 9pm
Sat - Sun 24 hrs 10.00am to 6pm

Vacation opening hours

Mon-Fri: 9.00am to 8.00p Library staff 9.00am to 5.00pm
Sat: 10.00am to 6.00pm Security staff
Sun: 10.00am to 6.00pm Security staff