Remote Enquiry Service

Nothing pleases us more than helping our users out with their reseach, and for those not able to vist us in person, we are able to offer a free Remote Enquiry Service.  Please Contact Us, providing as much information as possible about your research interests. 

We aim to answer your enquiry in good time but please be aware that during busy periods there may be a short delay.

Please note: We are unfortunately only able to undertake a limited amount of research on your behalf, and suggest that for extensive enquiries you consider employing a local history agent. The Cornwall Record Office provides a list. Please note that we cannot specifically recommend any such Agents and that fees may vary widely. Arrangements must be made directly between the person commissioning the research and the Agent and the fees agreed are a private matter between the two.

While there is no charge for our Remote Enquiry Service, there are costs for the provision of copies of records.  For more information please see our archive copying facility.