Cornish Performance Archive


The Cornish Performance Archive is the umbrella term for the Nick DarkeKneehigh and WILDWORKS archives which together document over 30 years of performance activity in Cornwall.  Featuring a wide range of records that represent the entire artistic process – from the earliest embryo of an idea for production through to the press reviews from its opening night, these Collections offer a unique insight into the workings of Cornwall’s most famous performance practitioners.

The three Collections are inextricably linked; Nick Darke wrote extensively for Kneehigh through the 1990s, and WILDWORKS was founded by original Kneehigh member Bill Mitchell in 2005.  As such there is much in common across the three Collections and users may find relevant materials in any of the Cornish Performance Archives.  The complex interrelationships that are characteristic of the performance community in this geographically isolated peninsula are clearly documented here.
More information is available on the individual Collections’ pages, or please do Contact Us.

The Cornish Performance Archive is growing, and we hope to be adding further Collections to it soon.

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