International Students

Welcome to the Library!

This page will provide you with useful information and links to other Library webpages that will help you make the most of the services we offer.

Resources in the Library especially for you

Books to help you settle into the UK

We have a small collection of books to help you settle into the UK.  These include:

Books to help your written and spoken English

The ASK team recommended  several of the books, including: 

All of these books are shelved in the International Students books section. This is next to the Study Skills bookshelves, in the Group study area of the Penryn Campus Library (look for the 'I' sticker on the bookspine). Have a browse through to see what else we have!

Language dictionaries

We also have language dictionaries, shelved next to the International Students books section. Look for the 'L' sticker on the book spine! Try the catalogue to see which other dictionaries are available.

You also have access to online bilingual dictionaries and the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms via Oxford Reference Online. Log on using your IT username and password. Exeter students and Falmouth Students

Films from your home country

We have a huge range of films bought to support our Film courses. If you wanted to watch a film in your own language, for example Italy, simply type Italian films into the library catalogue and set the drop-down 'Limit to' Video/DVD/Streaming. Films can usually be borrowed overnight. Find out more about our Films & TV collection.

Music from your home country

We also have vinyl reords and CDs from around the globe. Try the World Music section for gamelan music from Bali to Kalimba songs from Zambia! The musc section is next to the DVDs, on the second floor of the Library.


Each subject taught here has a liaison librarian who can help you with any enquiries you have about finding information. Find out how to contact us by looking at the Academic Liaison page

English language support amd help with your academic work is provided by the English for Academic Purposes team.

Suggest a resource

If you would like to suggest a resource that you found particuarly useful as an International student, please contact your academic liaison librarian. We would be pleased to hear your suggestions!