Walk-In Falmouth

Access for library visitors to Falmouth University electronic resources

The Library can provide 'walk-in' access terminals at Penryn Campus Library, Penryn Campus, so that non Falmouth University staff and students may gain access to the electronic database and journal collection, where 'walk-in' access is granted under the terms of the resource licence.

Access is generally only granted for a limited period, and will be via a special 'guest walk-in user account'. Resources can only be accessed within the library, from the designated terminal. Print facilities are available for some resources and will be charged at the current rate.

To access the resources the following Terms of Use must be agreed to, as laid out in the Falmouth University Walk-in guest agreement


To apply, please

  • Request access by completing the  Falmouth University Walk-in access declaration and  email the library with date of porposed visit.

  • OR Visit the Library Helpdesk during Library staffed hours to complete an application, and copyright declaration.

  • Supply proof of ID.

Please do not

  • pass a printed copy of an article to any other person.

  • Download or share an electronic copy of any information obtained.


A full list of resources is available on the library website. Please note streaming resources are not available under this agreement.

Further information on using the libraries can be gained from the User Services / Campus Librarians by email