Inter Library Loans

Who can borrow?

The Inter-Library Loans service is open to all students and staff at the Penryn Campus.

Please hand in the completed form to the Library Helpdesk at either Penryn or Falmouth Campus, or email to All requests must be accompanied by either an authorising signature and cost code or a fee of £8.50, apart from those listed below.

* Humanities

Some groups within Humanities are entitled to make a number of requests per year without the need for authorisation and can make their requests using the link below.

Humanities Online Request Form

3rd Year (including joint honours students completing a dissertation within Humanities) 5
Taught postgraduates 5
Full time Postgraduate Researchers (PGRS) 20
Part time PGRS 10
Staff All

* Politics
Cost code not required

* College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences (CEMPS)

Some groups within CEMPS are entitled to make a number of requests per year without the need for authorisation.

Staff All
Full time and part time Postgraduate Researchers (PGRS) 5

Politics and CEMPS students: Please use the Inter-Library Loans request form above or alternatively, you can pick up a form at the Penryn Campus Library Helpdesk

What is available?

  • Books, Music, Conference papers and Reports
  • Journal articles - these can be supplied as photocopies for you to to keep or PDFs to your PC using electronic delivery, SED

Please Note: Copyright restrictions do not allow us to request more than one article from each journal. If you need more than one article, please request the whole journal