Inter Library Loans

Who can borrow?

The Inter-Library Loans service is open to all students and staff at the Penryn Campus.

Inter-Library Loans request form

* Humanities (History & English)

Some groups within Humanities have a quota for how many requests they can make per academic year.

3rd Year (including joint honours students completing a dissertation within Humanities) 5
Taught postgraduates 5
Full time Postgraduate Researchers (PGRS) 20
Part time PGRS 10
Staff All

What is available?

  • Books, Music, Conference papers and Reports
  • Journal articles - these can be supplied as photocopies for you to to keep or PDFs to your PC using electronic delivery, SED

Please Note: Copyright restrictions do not allow us to request more than one article from each journal. If you need more than one article, please request the whole journal