You can print from PCs in both Penryn and Falmouth libraries, providing you have credit in your print account.

  • Black & White A4 = 4p
  • Black & White A3 = 8p
  • Colour A4 = 26p
  • Colour A3 = 52p

Topping up your account

You can top up your credit using print vending machines located within the library. There is one in Falmouth Campus Library, and two in the LRC at Penryn (one as you go in through the main door by the library counter and the other by the IT Suite).

The print vending machines are very easy to use. To top up your print credits, you can either swipe your library membership card or type in your username and password and insert the correct amount of money into the machine. Your print credits will be valid throughout the duration of your course.

You can also pay online here  Minimum payment £5.00