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From here you can explore the key resources in each of the main fields of study.

You'll also find research tips, as well as how to contact me, Rachel Browning your Academic Liaison Librarian, if you need further help.

Don't be limited to the subject guides that relate directly to your course - your research could take you anywhere...

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Meet your Librarian

Rachel Browning

I'm Rachel Browning, your Academic Liaison Librarian. I'm here to help you with research, whether that's for your projects or your written assignments. Although research is exciting it can also feel tricky at times -so do get in touch or book an appointment for help. I look forward to hearing from you!


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Short appointments for quick questions on using Library resources.

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30 minute online workshops covering library and research skills - bitesized!

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Discover the key information resources for your subject.

Improve your search skills

Hints and tips to help you to find what you need.

Try to search only for your key concepts.These are likely to be single words or short sentences.

Be aware that there might be several ways of describing the same idea.

For example:

"online shopping" OR "online retail"

You can combine similar keywords by linking them with the word ‘or’.

For more search tips and how to use ‘or’ and ‘and’ to make your searches more effective, watch this short video

In a business context this is likely to matter!

Some economic statistics are updated quarterly, and industry reports may be several years old.

A lot of business resources can’t be searched via the university’s Library Search (or via a Google search).

    You will miss some excellent quality information such as industry sector or market research reports if you ignore these.

    If you need statistics or quick facts about consumerism or environmental impact (or statistics on any topic, try using Statista.

    Statista has downloadable graphs, charts and infographics on wide range of topics.

    Look out for the handy citation feature too (always check that it matches the special Falmouth Harvard style)

    If you are struggling getting started, try the Library Pathway is a great resource and introduction to research.

    And remember, you are not in this alone, if you need help or have queries at any time just drop a line to me, your librarian!

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    Help and guidance from the Library and beyond!

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    New to the University? Need help navigating your way?

    The Library Pathway tells you everything you need to know about making the most of the library in your first term and beyond!

    It contains guides, videos, podcast and an interactive checklist so you can measure your progress.

    The ASK Academic Skills team

    The ASK Academic Skills team

    • run workshops on writing, referencing and other study skills
    • provide study guides and learning resources
    • offer individual advice through one-to-one appointments
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    For all your study support needs!

    This one-stop-shop provides advice and guidance around studying at University, including online study guides, tips and tricks for making the most of technology and where to go for support.

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