Welcome to your guide to Computing resources.

The Library provides you with access to books, journals, newspapers, audio-visual content, and other specialist materials for Computing.

Your module resource lists are a great starting place, but this guide will help you explore further...

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Here are the resources that will help you with your computing research, as well as some tips on how and when to use them.

It's important to use a range of different types of resource in your research. This will enhance the research experience and improve the quality of your work.

They can be collections of articles, chapters, audio-visual material -sometimes with supplementary features and tools to support research in particular area.

Good for:

  • Searching for more subject-focussed content (articles and other materials)
  • Saving time and effort compared to searching Google
  • Providing high quality, academic information

Good For:

  • an overview of a subject
  • a starting point in your research
  • dipping into chapters and sections.

Looking for ebooks or print books? 

Use Library Search to find books on your topic. 

Or browse the print collections using these book (Dewey) numbers: 

  • 006.3 Artificial intelligence

  • 006.8 Virtual reality

  • 510 Mathematics

  • 519.72 Linear programming

  • Find out more about Books and eBooks.

Academic journals are often peer-reviewed - this is a stamp of quality research.

Check out the StudyHub for more about Journals and Journal Articles.

  • the latest research on a topic
  •  highlighting the latest products, designers, makers & performers

Look in Library Search for details of electronic and print journals and to find to full-text articles on your topic. 

There are no quality checks, other than the ones you do for yourself - be critical and think CRAAP!

Find out more about Evaluating Information

Good for:

  • current information, especially from government or research institutions
  • information from (and about) artists, performers or makers

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