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Welcome to your guide to Quick Reference resources.

The Library provides you a wide range access to books, journals, newspapers, audio-visual content, and other specialist materials for your studies.

This guide looks at factual world of quick reference in more detail...

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Quick Reference covers a range of different types of information resource, which all have a common purpose.

The information within a Quick Reference source will be concise and factual, with no opinion or discussion. It is designed to be consulted, rather than read through and will provide brief, fact-based answers to simple questions.

Quick reference covers a wide range of different resource types including:

  • Almanacs and yearbooks
  • Bibliographies and biographies
  • Dictionaries, thesauri & encyclopaedias
  • Directories
  • Government publications
  • Handbooks & manuals
  • Indexes & abstracts
  • Maps & atlases

It is important to use the right reference resource for your needs. If in doubt, ask your librarian!

Use quick reference sources to:

  • Carry out initial research into a subject, discover background information and context.
  • Find factual answers to questions around dates, events, biographies, technical data and definitions.
  • Research the activities, financials and personnel of companies and organisations.
  • Search for professional, legal or government policy and procedures.

Quick Reference Collections available from the Library include:

The video below demonstrates the basic search using Credo.

Don’t forget –many quick reference resources are subject-specific. Check out your subject guide for details.

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