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Can't find what you are looking for in Library Search? The Library will try to get it for you.

You can request most types of resource: books, videos, theses, and journal articles. You can also request that a VHS video from our collection is digitised and made available online.

It is important to double-check on Library Search that we don't already have the item - search thoroughly for titles, authors, and journal names, for example. The the quickest way to get an item is to find it yourself.

If we have a print copy of a book that is on loan, campus-based students can use the Request options on Library Search and we'll ask for it back for you. Online students can use the same option to request a chapter scan.

Not everything will be available - some items may be very expensive or not available to purchase at all - but we'll contact you and see if we can find you something else.

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Ways to request

Explore all the ways you can request items from the library

Campus Students

You can request print or electronic items. The Library will purchase electronic first, wherever possible.

If you need a journal article or a book that is more than 2 years old:

  • Inter-library loan request.

If you need an item published in the last two years or which appears on a resource list:

  • Recommend for purchase

Online Students

You can request electronic (online) resources only. If the item is not available online, you might need to consider alternatives.

If you need an electronic journal article:

  • Inter-library loan request

If you are looking for eBook or an item which appears on a resource list:

  • Recommend for purchase

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Frequently asked questions

Requesting a whole book

If a book is not available from Falmouth University's Library Search, you can search the Exeter Library Catalogue for a print copy and request the item yourself.

Filter your search to Format = Print, and click ‘Request it, Falmouth University staff and students’ on the right-hand side of the item record page. You'll receive an email when your book arrives at your chosen Library. Delivery may take up to 7 days.

Requesting a chapter scan

You can also request a scan of a single chapter of a book held at University of Exeter's Streatham campus. Find a print book on the catalogue and from the ‘Request it, Falmouth University staff and students’ button on the right-hand side of the item record page, select for it to be emailed from the Exeter Campus Library.

You'll need to complete details of what you need – especially the book title and page numbers.

Note that copyright law limits this service to a single chapter, so if you need more, request the book to be delivered physically.


Request a book using the online form.

You'll receive an email when your book arrives at your chosen Library. Delivery may take up to 7 days.

These books can normally be borrowed for 5 weeks, though this can vary. Books can also be recalled at any point by the home library.


You can request a renewal for these loans online.

Renewals are at the discretion of the owning library, so are not always possible and there may be a charge. Any renewal fees will be printed on the slip in the book.

Once you return a loan from another library, you cannot request the same item again for another 30 days.

Penryn Campus Library has a collection of VHS videos, which you can watch on equipment in the Library. Alternatively, you can also ask us to digitise a VHS video from our collection.

Use Library Search, and filter to Resource Type = Video, and Available in the Library. Make a note of the video title and number, and request a VHS transfer via the online form.

Request a journal article via the online form.

Journal articles will usually be delivered to you online, but may also arrive physically to your preferred campus library.

If you need more than one article from a journal, please request the whole issue.

Receiving a British Library journal article digitally

  • The email you receive from the British Library, will instruct you to create On Demand user account. After creating your account, you may need to wait 20 minutes before trying to download your article.
  • To open and view the file, you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer (version 10 or newer).
  • Your computer must be connected to the internet when opening the file.

Restrictions on downloading, saving and printing

  • The download link will expire after 30 days. Each link can only be used once.
  • Once downloaded, files will lock after 14 days. Print or save a copy before this time elapses. You can only print a British Library article once. A saved digital copy of a file can be kept for 3 years.
  • You must not make further electronic copies or convert the file into any other format. You must not cut and paste or otherwise alter the text.

Google Chrome users: You may need to disable Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer. British Library PDFs can only be opened by Adobe Reader

The British Library’s EThOS service allows you to search for and access theses from UK higher education institutions.

In many cases, digital copies of these theses can be downloaded for free. If an immediate download is not available, you have the option to pay to obtain a digital scan.

Yes, but we can only supply you content online.

We will let you know if we can't do this, and can help you find something else suitable if necessary.

Most HE libraries have a reciprocal arrangement allowing students to use each other's library spaces and materials.

Falmouth University and the University of Exeter are both members of SCONUL - so if you study or work at another University in the UK or Ireland, then you may be able to use our Penryn and Falmouth based library spaces and resources.

Alternatively if you are a Falmouth of Exeter student outside of Cornwall, you may also be able to access other academic libraries in your immediate vicinity.

Please note:

  • Once your application to SCONUL Access has been approved, you can use any of the libraries on the SCONUL Access list. You need not reapply for each library.
  • Unfortunately, students registered on programmes with Falmouth Collaborative Partners are unable to register for SCONUL Access via Falmouth's membership.
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