Records of ‘Family Farming in West Penwith 1919-1939’ (ICS16)


Materials relating to the Institute of Cornish Studies Oral History Project 1979-1980.

Record of farming activity

'Family Farming in West Penwith, 1919-1939' was the first project undertaken by the Institute of Cornish Studies as part of a programme of oral history.

The subject of the project was selected not only due to the importance of agriculture to a rural region such as Cornwall, but also due to the importance of West Penwith as an area of numerous small family farms of thirty acres or less with its own distinctive economy and relationships. This Collection contains records relating to the administration of this project alongside recordings and transcripts of the interviews.

This invaluable snapshot of farming and life in Cornwall is a great resource for those interested in social history, geography and agriculture in the inter-war years.

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