Study Space

Study Space on Campus

People study differently. Some enjoy background noise, others need complete silence. So that everyone finds a space that's right for them, we have different kinds of study space across both Penryn and Falmouth campuses. You'll find laid-back areas with sofas, informal group work spaces, silent reading rooms and bookable pods.

Book a study space in the Library

The majority of study spaces in the libraries are open for drop-in use.

However, our group study rooms at Penryn Campus Library must be booked in advance. We also have a small amount of silent study spaces at Penryn Library that can be reserved.

Penryn Campus Library

During term time, Penryn Campus Library offers 24/7 study space, access to collections and IT facilities. Our more bustling, larger library is split into different sections — sit down and study within whichever coloured area suits your way of working. There are height adjustable desks in every study zone.

Red work area at Penryn Campus Library

Red Area

Our main space for group work. This a busier, more informal space for collaboration with large tables, booths and large displays you can connect to your laptop.

Green study area of Penryn Campus Library

Green area

A casual work area on the first floor for solo or group study. Includes desks, tables, sofas and arm chairs.

Penryn Yellow Area Student Working at Desk

Yellow area

A quieter space for individual study, though still with some background noise for those who don't enjoy working in complete silence.

Penryn Blue Area Students Working in Quiet Study Space

Blue area

Penryn Campus Library's quiet study area, including our reading room. This section is for deep work. We ask for silence here.

Group working in study room with laptop

Bookable group study rooms

Use for collaborative project work. These rooms must be booked in advanced as they are very popular.

Desks at Penryn Campus Library

Bookable silent study spaces

For those who like to plan in advance, some of our silent study spaces available to book. These desks are in our small study rooms (up to 8 people).

Falmouth Campus Library information

Our smaller campus library is amongst the quiet and leafy Falmouth Campus. This library is normally quieter, with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Falmouth Library Person Studying on Computer with Shelves in Foreground

Main library space

Around the main space of Falmouth Campus Library, you'll find desks for solo and group working. Feel free to talk here.

Falmouth Quiet Study Room

Quiet study room

At the back of Falmouth Campus Library, find our quiet study room for more focused work. This room is rich in natural light.

Bookable study spaces

Other On-Campus Study Spaces

There are plenty of other spaces to study on campus, for when you want a change of scene.

Other study spaces around Penryn Campus

  • Pods and booths in the Exchange building.
  • Learning lounges in the Daphne Du Maurier and Peter Lanyon buildings.
  • Seats and tables around the Upper Stannary mezzanine.
  • Seminar rooms when not being used for teaching — check the display by the door.
  • University of Exeter postgraduate students can use the Masters Suite.
Study space at the Stannary

Other study spaces around Falmouth Campus

  • Tables, desks and group work spaces can be found upstairs in the Fox Building (the Treetops)
  • An IT Suite can be found within of the Fox Building
Fox Building study spaces
Exchange building exterior at night

Opening Times

See when our Campus Libraries are open.

Computer at Penryn Campus Library

Computers and Printers

Our libraries have both macOS and Windows computers running the software you need for your degree work.

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