Pressreader releases Text-to-Speech feature

pressreader text to speech visual
Friday, 28 Apr 2023

With Pressreader's built-in Text-to-Speech feature, you can now listen to any article from any publication with just a click.

Simply select Listen from the menu.

If you’re using the mobile app, simply tap on the “headphones” icon in page view to start listening, or open the article in text view and tap on the three dots to bring up the menu. From there, tap on “Listen”. Swipe right or left to move to the next or previous article.

Readers on iOS can also use their device’s native text-to-speech engine for audio features instead of streaming them online with PressReader by opening Settings, clicking or tapping on “Reading” and enabling “Native iOS text-to-speech”.

Not familiar with Pressreader? It's well worth a look - there are daily newspapers from around the world, as well as magazines on fashion, interiors, games, music, art and much more.

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